3 Simple Steps

Tell us what the filter is for & leave the creativity to us

A Filter29 designer creates your custom filter

We send you the filter or submit it to Snapchat for you


Why Filter29?

We are the easiest way to get a custom filter onto Snapchat. We handle all of the design so you don't have to waste time with PhotoShop or fiddle with template generators.

How do I get my filter onto Snapchat?

Snapchat has an easy filter submission process on their website. They charge you based on how long you want your snap to appear and where you want it to be available. If you don't feel like dealing with it, we can handle the whole process for you.

What can I put in a filter?

Snapchat has a few rules. Basically keep it PG-13. Check out Snapchat's guidelines here.

Why should I buy a custom filter?

We can't gaurantee you'll have more sex if you use Filter29, but you might have more sex. Also your snaps will be snazzier.

What happens after I pay?

An F29 designer will be assigned to your order and they will usually send you the finished filter within a day or two. They will reach out to you if they have any design questions.

How fast can I get a filter on Snapchat?

About 2 days. Choose rush delivery and we'll get your filter done within 24hrs. Once submitted, Snapchat takes about 24hrs to review a filter.

What if I don't like the design?

We take the Men's Warehouse approach: You're gonna like the way your filter looks. BUT IF YOU DON'T, we'll revise it, no problem.

What is the meaning of life?

42, duh. Oh and find joy in something that adds value to other people's lives. Focus on family, friends, health, and wealth. Evolve constantly. Some day you'll die and that'll be that. But before you do, buy a Snapchat filter from us!


Simple pricing.

Custom Filter: $19

Optional Add-Ons Price
Rush Delivery (Within 24hrs) $19.00
Snapchat Submission (If you want us to do it for you) $15.00
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Questions? Email us at [email protected]